Woga-Woga Bird

I have a new book published and thought you may like to see what it is about. Here is the Link for ‘The Woga-Woga Bird’ Book I hope you like it and maybe look out for a Woga-Woga Bird.!!! https://amzn.to/3wxmHkv “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes” Will put another Link on here for you to see: Will putContinue reading “Woga-Woga Bird”

Do you like Goanna’s?

The Book about Goanna’s is Called ‘Jesus Loves Geoffrey Goanna’ It is a nice little book for small children and can teach them different things as well as what comes out of an EGG. Here is the link for you to see and to order from Amazon site. The Smashwords site has the Recipe Book.Continue reading “Do you like Goanna’s?”

How nice it is to Read a Book.

Here is a book you may not have seen – it is a book to help people to pray. Here is the Link for this Book: It is quite interesting the different ways that people Pray – all of us are different and of course some do not pray at all ………………….. Then there areContinue reading “How nice it is to Read a Book.”

For The Kingdom of God (Book)

Here are the LINKS for my latest book: ‘For The Kingdom of God’ This is for Amazon: The below LINKS are for Booktopia https://www.booktopia.com.au/for-the-kingdom-of-god-j-r-m-larman/book/9780645089103.html https://www.booktopia.com.au/for-the-kingdom-of-god-j-m-r-larman/ebook/9780645089110.html I hope you enjoy looking at my latest books. *** God Bless You…..have a lovely Day to-day.

Geoffrey Goanna

This is a Children’s Book about a Goanna named Geoffrey. He has a friend named Lenny Lizard I will put a picture of his friend on here. This book is available from Amazon I will put the LINK on here for you to check it out if you are interested for any small child thatContinue reading “Geoffrey Goanna”