Horse Lovers – (Teenagers Book)

Today we have our Book Titled: ‘Champagne Charlie & Lady Jane’ Here is the Link: ……….. ( ) Here are some Pen/Ink Illustrations from inside the book. These are other Links you may like to purchase from: “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes” Also: ……. * I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy yourContinue reading “Horse Lovers – (Teenagers Book)”

How nice it is to Read a Book.

Here is a book you may not have seen – it is a book to help people to pray. Here is the Link for this Book: It is quite interesting the different ways that people Pray – all of us are different and of course some do not pray at all ………………….. Then there areContinue reading “How nice it is to Read a Book.”

For The Kingdom of God (Book)

Here are the LINKS for my latest book: ‘For The Kingdom of God’ This is for Amazon: The below LINKS are for Booktopia I hope you enjoy looking at my latest books. *** God Bless You…..have a lovely Day to-day.