Book: For The Kingdom of God

Larman Books: ….from Carnarvon Art Studio.

This is a really nice Poetry Book hope you can check it out on the Link.

Here is a verse from the book:

Little one sleeping there, Tender Love Divine.

Little one Sleeping thee, are you truly mine?

Has God given you to me, Tender Love Divine?

Has God given you to me? Yes, – You’re truly mine.


The Story of Champagne Charlie and Lady Jayne is about two horses that fall in love. Suitable for young children and young adults who love horses. Pen & Ink Drawings Illustrate the book. Here is a link for the Woga-Woga Book for Children. It helps them learn to read, count and colour in.

I hope you enjoy looking at these books and maybe purchase for yourself or family.

Have a Lovely Day Today.


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