Do you like Goanna’s?

The Book about Goanna’s is Called ‘Jesus Loves Geoffrey Goanna’

It is a nice little book for small children and can teach them different things as well as what comes out of an EGG.

Here is the link for you to see and to order from Amazon site.

Lenny Lizard is Geoffrey’s friend.

The Smashwords site has the Recipe Book.

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

This is an eBook

You may like to see:

The cat book has excellent Pen/Ink Drawings in of Cats from A to B that children may find quite interesting and funny. It is a very good game to play as a family – maybe while driving long distances in the car.

Other Links you may like to look at:-

**Have a lovely day today.**

Different Creatures coming out of their Eggs.


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