Books are Interesting

Have you seen this Book – Jessie’s Story?

I am the Baby in the above Photo. With My Mother, her Mother (my Nanna) also my Great Grandmother. Four Generations. Photo was taken in England where I was born.

Here is the Link for the book.

The book was written to let my Children and Grandchildren, even Great Grandchildren know what it was like to live during World War Two (WW2). I was just 2years old when it started. So in the book I am able to let them know what it was like living in England even when the war ended. It brings back many memories for older people and opens a window for younger adults to appreciate living in this day and age, with all the technology and mod cons that we have now.

The book is my story of living in England and how we lived after emigrating here to Australia in 1973.

Hope you may enjoy reading it and can share it with your friends.

Thank you. Jessie.


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